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Copyright and Licensing Information

Snap is (c) Jonathan T. Moore, 1999-2002 and licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

All other parts of Splash are (c) Willem de Bruijn, 2002-2003 and licensed under the BSD Open Source License.

All sourcecode is made publicly available.


Splash and the Splash website are hosted by SourceForge.net

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Splash - Documentation

SNMP Plus a Lightweight API for SNAP Handling

General Documentation

Installation Guide

The installation guide contains a step-by-step walkthrough of the Splash installation process.

Project Administration Guide

This guide contains background info on all administration issues related to Splash, such as CVS usage, website updates and file releasing.

Sourcecode Reference Manual

Automatically generated reference material is available. The files were generated using doxygen. Click one of the following links to view the reference manual:

Language Reference Manual

The language reference manual contains all instructions recognized by the current version of the interpreter.

Research Papers

Applying High Speed Active Networking to Network Management

Master's Thesis giving an in depth discussion of the Splash architecture and obtained experimental results:

  • postscript in one file (~0.7 MB)
  • html complete document in a single file (lacks figures and bibliographic references) (~ 228 KB)